Dear Future SSSSH Members:

The basis of SSSSH is giving to total strangers anonymously. Creating more goodness in the world just for the sake of creating more goodness, that’s what SSSSH is all about – giving to strangers while partaking in little adventures, giving without stroking our egos. SSSSH members call this ego-free compassion.

We are all surrounded by a selfish materialistic world. SSSSH can reward us with the benefits of giving anonymously emphasizing that performing good deeds without rewards can be a special experience. This is an especially wonderful and enlightening experience for our children. See our School Programs and our Children's Page.

SSSSH is designed to promote a healthy, peaceful society that will welcome and celebrate diversity, embrace all humanity, and through acts of kindness, instill in ourselves and others compassion, creativity, imagination, and sacrifice - the true values of being human.


SSSSH is special and secret society that has quietly woven its members into the very fiber of anonymous goodness. The distinctive members of our clandestine league are among you, everywhere, secretly and quietly performing serendipitous acts of kindness throughout our communities - world wide!

SSSSH is one of the most unique organizations in the world – for we are intangible, yet everywhere, structured by pure spirit and governed only by benevolent goodness. SSSSH exists solely in the compassionate spirits of our anonymous members, for we have no address or, telephone (other than our founders listed below), no bank account, headquarters, employees, or membership cards. Our assets are the incentive, resources, imagination, and generosity of our colleagues and our future growth is bound only by the limits of imagination and love in our members' hearts. Our main point of contact is this Website floating around in Cyberspace. Our only bylaws are anonymity and our only requirement for membership is an unsigned letter or email with no return address describing an anonymous good deed - preferably for a total stranger.

Welcome, enjoy, and learn the true spirit of giving,

Roger F. Cram

This site was updated and made current on February 19, 2016