The Hiram College Hal Reichle Scholarship

Awarded to Hiram College sophomores or juniors for community serving and giving.

The Hiram College Hal H. Reichle Memorial Scholarship

Candidate Selection Procedures

  1. How To Locate Candidates
    1. Check organization’s rosters for members of the Hiram Junior Class. Some examples of pertinent organizations are:
      1. Community involvement (Some examples)
        1. Hiram Volunteer Fire Department
        2. State of Ohio, Project Ohio Reads
      2. Hiram College Administration
        1. Financial Aid Office
          1. Work Study Coordinator
            1. Community Service Workers
        2. Student Activities Office
        3. College Relations
      3. Student Involvement Organizations (Some examples)
        1. Education Club
        2. Advance (Newspaper)
        3. Students Against Social Injustice
        4. Students for Environmental Action Coalition
        5. Student Senate
        6. WHRM Radio Station
      4. Student Humanitarian Organizations (Examples)
        1. Hiram Christian Outreach
        2. SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism)
        3. Hiram Volunteer Association
        4. Hiram College Community Service Office
          1. American Vista Service
          2. Social and College Clubs Service Activities
      5. Religious Organizations (Some examples)
        1. Fellowship of Christian Athletes
        2. Hellel (Jewish)
        3. Disciples Student Fellowship
        4. Newman Club (Catholic)
      6. Scholastic Organizations (Some examples)
        1. Who’s Who.
        2. ODK (Omicron Delta Kappa)
        3. Phi Beta Kappa
    2. Check for Various Club Projects Concerning Community/Humanitarian Involvement that would involve members of the Hiram Junior Class
      1. Information Channel TV Notices
      2. Posters on Bulletin Boards
      3. Advance Newspaper
      4. The “WEEKLY”
      5. Campus-wide e-mail Announcements
      6. Hiram Volunteer Association
    3. Throughout the year, Committee Members should be sensitive to those performing planned acts of kindness on their own initiative. Employ SSSSH! and their silent army of stealthily observers. They quietly watch for acts of kindness from every nook and cranny in every tree in every forest in every park in every city everywhere. These secret and devoted sentinels number in the millions, and each observed act of kindness relayed back to the Hiram College Scholarship Committee for tallying. Thank goodness for computers!
    4. Solicit Among Faulty and Students
      1. Solicit from faculty for names of possible candidates
      2. Solicit from students for names of possible candidates
    5. From the above procedures, find junior class members fitting scholarship criteria. Select candidates for further consideration.
    6. From the names determined in 1.5, interview faculty, staff, directors, club supervisors, or other key personnel involved with the candidate’s community/humanitarian activities. Try to determine:
      1. Moral character
      2. Spirit of giving
      3. Dedication
      4. Other pertinent characteristics for this scholarship
    7. From the results of 1.6, comprise a list of initial candidates
  2. After Initial Candidates Are Selected for Consideration
    1. Check background
      1. With Local Civil Authorities
      2. With Hiram College, Dean of Students and Academic Dean
    2. Check that Hiram College grades are meeting graduation requirements
  3. Determine final initial candidate list from those not eliminated by 2 above.
  4. Number of candidates selected will be based on the success of above procedures and available finances.
    1. Candidates will be notified of their selection in February of their junior year to facilitate maximum options for appropriate use of enrichment funding in their senior year.
    2. Assistance with Enrichment Proposal

Submitted by Roger Cram August 2001 to the Hiram College Hal Reichle Scholarship Committee and adopted as operational procedure.

To donate to the Hiram College Hal Reichle Scholarship Fund:

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