The Hiram College Hal Reichle Scholarship

Awarded to Hiram College sophomores or juniors for community serving and giving.

The Spirit of the Hiram College Hal Reichle Scholarship

The measure of one’s love for humanity does not manifest itself through words or feelings, but rather in behavior. Thus, it is in one’s demonstrated generosity, understanding, compassion, kindness, and guiding hand that exhibit one’s willingness to love his fellowman.

Occasionally we meet someone harboring the spirit of genuine, fundamental goodness. Such a person loves and honors almost everyone, not to please oneself or others, but simply because it enriches the world’s goodness. We are not speaking of a devout missionary or a church representative, but rather someone having within them a measure of musketeer who makes the act of giving an exciting quest and a fun-filled adventure.

Hal Reichle was such a rare individual. To Hal, helping others was fun; it was the reason he was born. Friends, total strangers, millionaires, and the homeless became the recipient of Hal’s simple goodness. An elderly woman awakened to find her lawn had been mysteriously mowed. A schoolteacher found her driveway shoveled and free from snow. Someone else found his house freshly painted upon returning from vacation. A young man rejected for a college student loan suddenly found it approved. Several individuals, all temporarily short of funds, discovered bags of groceries at their front door. There was never a note left from anyone offering an explanation for serendipity’s visit. Additional examples of Hal’s genuine goodness are virtually endless.

The Hal Reichle Memorial Scholarship at Hiram College is not based on scholarly achievement; it is not based on perfect class attendance, and it is not based on financial need. One’s “acts of kindness,” serve as a major indicator of an individual’s qualifications for this Award. The recipient is chosen from his/her humanitarian efforts, community involvement, and volunteerism. Thus, it is in one’s behavior - the generosity, understanding, compassion, kindness, and guiding hand - that exhibits one’s willingness to love, and one’s unique and rare qualifications for this Award.

Hence, applications for this Scholarship do not exist. No one applies. If you meet these qualifications you are secretly found by a silent army of stealthily observers. They silently watch for acts of kindness from every nook and cranny in every tree in every forest in every park in every city everywhere. These secret and devoted sentinels number in the millions, and each observed act of kindness is relayed back to the Hiram College Scholarship Committee for tallying. Thank goodness for computers!

This is a two-facetted Award comprising a tuition grant plus an enrichment component that should lead to further discovery and growth. The Award is not always given each year, for understandably, qualified recipients cannot always be located. When the Scholarship Committee is successful, however, a very rare individual has been found. This recipient, harboring a heart of simple goodness, is destined to enhance scores of peoples’ lives. Know him or her well, and your life will be positively enriched from the experience.

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