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February 16, 2016

I saw a police metermaid writing parking tickets to a line of parked cars who had expired meters. I went forward from the cop three parked cars where another expired parking meter was. I wrote on my SSSSH card in the space provided "Expired Parking Meter." I placed the card under the windshield wiper and then put two quarters in the expired meter. What fun!  The lady cop looked at me very strangly.

February 11, 2016

I went to a movie and gave the cashier a SSSSH card and $20. I asked her to pay for the movie tickets of the young mother wearing a yellow sweater with the two kids. They were in line three people behind me.

Feb 9, 2016

I'm a high school student from Minnesota. My dad is a veteran.
I just wanted to say thank you! While scouring the internet, I can across your awesome website.
I'm a big fan of random acts of kindness or, as I call them now, Reichles.

January 28, 2016

I was on the computer finishing my assignment for class when I heard a knock at the door. It was 8pm and I was surprised as I was not expecting company. As I opened the door two girls in their mid-thirties said hello, sorry to bother you so late but, and proceeded to cry. To keep their privacy I will call them Sandy and Shelley. I asked if they were ok and if they needed help or had an accident or needed a phone to call someone. They said no, Sandy introduced herself and said "I used to live here as a child" and Shelley is my good friend that is with me for support. I was taken back and asked why are you here? Sandy proceeded to ask about a rock that was in the yard when she was a child and was wondering if it might still be in the yard. How odd I thought. I asked what it looked like as we had a lot of large rocks/stones in the yard. She described a white rock and I immediately knew what she was talking about. The rock that when doin g yard work(planting grass and flowers) my honey was going to bring to the dump with the rest of debris. I said no something about that rock "it must mean something or it wouldn't be in the yard" In the garden it goes with the stone frog and nom and my honey thinks I'm silly for keeping it. This story gets better. I said yes, its in my flower garden. Why do you ask? Sandy informed me that her father had brought it home one day from a work site and it was the topic of many family discussions. She wanted to break the rock in pieces to give to family members (mother and siblings).Sandy's father had passed away and her mother sold the house and during the holidays this year they started talking about memories and the rock. I walked with the two girls to the back yard to see the flower garden were the rock was and she stood in awe and then hugged me so tight. I got to talking to Sandy and Shelley and through the tears and listening to her memories I was d eeply touched by her story. I told Sandy there was always something about that rock, it was the only white one in the yard and when we re-did the back yard(planting grass and flowers) I put the rock in my garden and it was my grandson's favorite and showed her the flower he planted for me next to it.
I told Sandy that if her and Shelley could lift the rock (I had rolled that rock by myself and it was very heavy) she could have it on one condition-that she brought me back a piece of the rock to put back in my garden as I had become attached to it too. She agreed.
You see Sandy's father died of Cancer and so did my mom. I am always saying the same thing my mom and grandmother always said " someone is always looking down on you and guiding you and if you see a dime--their thinking of you and trying to tell you something" and the next thing I know someone is at my door. Amazing!!!!
I was discussing what had happened the next day at work and my friend said "you know what that is" I said no what--she said "good karma" I said no it's the right thing to do and I'm glad to share in part of their memory and finally know where that rock came from.

I hope you liked my story and thank you for listening

January 8, 2016

Last summer I literally begged my mom to host a foreign exchange student from China. I remember when we picked her up at the airport I was so happy and overwhelmed I could hardly speak! Today my Chinese student Xin lives with us and she is like part of the family. She has grown accustomed to the American culture and she is my tutor in Chinese.
I am proud to be her host sister and I told my mom when she returns to China in June, I will be crying on my pillow for days. Xin is so great that I selected her, she said I had the choice to select so many other students from China or any other country. She even has a friend who never found a host family. We have bonded so well. I think not many families choose Chinese students as their first choice to host.
I am also proud that she is such an excellent student at her high school.
This foreign exchange program has worked out well for both of us, I am happy I was able to convince my mom to do it.

December 22, 2015

I had the "Hal Twinkle" in my eye this morning... A high school classmate of mine told me of a retired Marine who, after retirement, spent his subsequent years as a volunteer assisting military personnel transition to civilian life. The aforementioned Marine recently suffered a stroke and found himself in need of a motorized wheelchair. This morning, the deal was struck and his motorized wheelchair should arrive in time for Christmas.

November 8, 2015

I was hosting the talent show on a fine night. One of the performers came late for call time. She didn't seem to be okay at all and she just began to burst into tears. Then she went into the hallway I told others I got it. I went out and just began embracing her in a big hug. She told me she doesn't like crying in front of others, but her uncle just died. She told me her Dad left her when she was growing up so her uncle was like her dad. In that moment I asked if she wouldn't mind if I prayed for her, she said it was okay I prayed then I embraced her once more and told her "just relax it will be fine"!

October 25, 2015

I waited at an inter-city gasoline station for a customer to arrive with an old beat-up car. Finially one did, a rusted out old Plymouth. I walked up to the driver telling him I worked at the gas station and said he had just become the 1,000th customer this week and his gasoiline was free. I handed him a ssssh card and inserted my credit card into the gas pump next to his car. He was very excited. The gas station manager was suspicious of what was going on and came outside asking me what I was doing? I said in a quiet voice, "I'm just buying gasoline for a friend. Everything is OK."

October 7, 2015

Ever since I was little, I loved receiving presents. Big presents, small presents, it didn't matter. I loved unwrapping a parcel to see what it held. When I was 12, a friend gave me a small wrapped object. Whey I asked her why, she said "No reason." Inside, was a small figurine. A bunny rabbit, painted an orange color to match my room. All of a sudden, I felt a rush of emotion. I bounced up and down, almost unable to express my gratitude. Later that night I was holding the bunny rabbit, and I realized why I loved receiving presents so much. I felt loved. I felt this unbelievable amount of caring for any person who'd gone out of their ways to create a present-just for me. I wanted to make people feel the same way, like they were special. That realization stays with me today.
I volunteer at the soup kitchen, library, and the local tutoring business when I can spare an hour. Working out the soup kitchen really gave me a new perspective. Different people, different circumstances. And the people that come in are always thankful. They act like I'm in their debt just for making a hot meal. They're not in debt to me, they don't owe me anything. Not everyone was born into good circumstances, and if I can make their lives any more secure or comfortable, then I am succeeding. I don't believe in karma, and I don't believe that people deserve to be where they are. But I do believe I should share as much kindness as I can, because someone might just be having a bad day.

August 20, 2015

I went to get my dry cleaning. It cost $15.00. I asked the attendant to put a SSSSH card on the dry cleaning next to mine. I then gave her a $20 bill to fasten to the SSSSH card. I bet that will be a surprise to whom ever pick up their clothes!

August 13, 2015

I helped my mom take a snake out of her pool.

November 10, 2014

When he began to suffer from adult onset dissociative narcolepsy he was put into a facility for 10 months. For the 10 month period he was there the suicide rate fell from the top four in the state to ZERO suicides. He was accepted into the UofA as a junior when he left the psychiatric hospital, but could not obtain funding and instead went to Utah where he secretly went weekly to the Jordan River where i found out about his works most serendipitously. I am a guard at a youth facility here in utah. I became his primary caregiver by the most amazing incidents when i needed furniture and he found out. His life story is nothing short of amazing, but there is so little help anonymously for HIM.

November 7, 2014

A Boy Scout parent going through a tough patch could not afford the Scout book needed to track the Scout's progress to achieve ranks - I bought him a book and a bookcover. It was put in the troop gear with the Scout's name on it ; The Scout recieved the book, but the delivery method kept the giver anonymous.

Thank you Hal for your inspiration and friendship* - you never feel far away!

November 4, 2014

Both my kids are doing good deeds on a weekly basis. They have grown up knowing it's better to help others than to wait for someone else to take charge. They pick up trash in the store parking lots when we are waking to the store as well as around our home, especially on trash day.
Our next door neighbor is unable to garden and the city wanted them to put in a lawn. Their yard is HUGE and it would have been too expensive to do so, so I put in a drought tolerant garden and vegetable garden with drip irrigation. The boys are constantly helping me tend the garden, pulling weeds, planting seeds and so much more. Both my boys, Anthony - age 18 and a Senior in High School and Trenton - age 15 and a Sophomore in High School are both Boy Scouts. Anthony is waiting for his Boy Scout Eagle Board of Review, he had his Scout Master Conference before he just turned 18 and Trenton is a Life Scout, one rank away from Eagle Scout. Anthony raised over $4,000 on his own to put in a GaGa Ball Court and huge concrete patio in at our local Boys and Girls Club. He is very committed to helping others and loves kids. Both boys help put groceries in the cars of seniors whenever we are at the store but sometimes it gets a little scary for the senior when they see two grown looki ng men (boys) offering to help them. Some seniors are super happy to get the assistance some not so much. I could go on and on how my boys are doing good deeds but I don't want to take too much of your time. It would be sweet for them to be recognized for their kind acts by someone other then family and scouts so here it is. A brief synopsis of my boys and the fact that they can be pretty awesome sometimes Thanks!! The Mom

October 23, 2014

This young man named James Reynolds was on the bus, next to him was another young man who's shoes were really torn, James had an extra pair of shoes in his back pack he then took his shoes out of his back pack and gave them to the young man, the young man was very thankful and very happy that James Reynolds gave him those shoes.

September 27, 2014

Today started out with sunshine and a few clouds. A gentleman came by and asked if I needed our palm trees trimmed. I said, yes. During him trimming the palm trees it started pouring rain, our backyard ended up flooded. The young man continued to work through the rain. He said, the money tonight is going to get a hotel room for my girlfriend and I as we are in between places right now. I gave him more than the agreed amount of $40 to get a hotel room, 6 pieces or pizza from my fridge and some peanut butter cups. I didn't want them to go without.

September 27, 2014

Yesterday went on a school field trip. We started our journey at 6:30am. Made it to our first destination for breakfast at McDonald's. All of us ordered one sandwich and either a coffee or orange juice, a student had ordered an orange juice and she was the only one that didn't get hers when we got on the bus. We were shorted a drink. I gave her mine instead of her going without.

September 24, 2014

I'm an active member of Arizona Career Pathways. They are a program which helps students that are trying to get back into the workforce and have a career. They have great resources for students. We had a meeting Monday evening and a fellow student was extremely stressed. When asked what was going on. She proceeded to tell me that her teacher thought it would be a good idea to have everyone purchase AHIMA's Virtual Lab and she needs it for the next assignment, which is next week. She didn't have the $110.00 to cover it and Arizona Career Pathways could assist but not until after the program had been purchased. I decided to pay for the program, so she didn't fail the class. Monday evening when she got home, she called me, and we were able to purchase the program for her. She has access to the program and can now complete her coursework without stressing of failing the class.

September 20, 2014

Every summer I go on a missions trip that my youth group calls the Random Acts of Kindness Tour. For about ten days my youth group gets on a bus and travels around the United States performing random acts of kindness. We partner with local organizations and meet the needs of the towns we are staying in. I have been on five RAK trips, and so far I have painted a countless number of houses, done more free car washes in ten days than most people have done in ten years, weeded, mowed, and sat and talked with people to let them know that they are important. It is my absolute joy to go on this trip every summer. It has taught me that the Random Acts of Kindness Tour is a lifestyle. Buying someone a cup of coffee or helping someone wash their car is an act that seems to easy in the moment, but it has such a lasting effect on people's lives. It lets them know that they are worth it.

August 27, 2014

I was at publix supermarkets this past week, and this elderly woman in front of seem to be have trouble with her debit card. She couldn't reach to swipe the card so I offer to do it for her. Well afterwards the cashier said it had been declined. The face on the woman you can till she was embarrassed. So I pull out my food stamp card and paid for her order.

August 20, 2014

Here is a fun good deed that's easy for all ages! Collect some index cards (or on the inside of a Hal Reichle card just be sure it's noticeable) and write a nice thing on them. For example a positive saying, suggestion of a great book to read, suggest they listen to one of your favorite songs (if appropriate), or challenge the finder with a riddle, to write a poem, or some questions, etc. Hide these cards in well used library books so you can be sure it's found. You might want to challenge the finder to make their own card! Kids really love this deed!

July 29, 2014

I saw a woman walking who looked sad....I didn't know what was wrong, so I asked...she told me the bottom of her shoe (flats) tore off. My heart went out for her, so I bought her a new pair. I asked her to pick out 2 pairs, but instead she only wanted one. A little while before the lady with the shoes, I was at Taco Bell and I saw this man in ragged clothes sitting by himself (I watched as people stared at him), he never looked up...I noticed he was drinking out of an old cup that looked like he picked it up from somewhere. I only had $7.00 in my pocket at the time, and I felt led to give it to him. So I did, and he just lit up. I smiled, and his eyes filled with tears. There are still people in the world that care, and are willing to help. Sometimes a simple smile, and an I love you can make someone's day....maybe even turn their life around.

July 25, 2014

After reading the "People" magazine article about SSSSH and Hal, I've tried to watch for opportunities to do things, even if small, for other people.

One such opportunity was paying the restaurant bill for a disabled young man who I've seen out at several local restaurants with his caregiver.

Another opportunity was on a bitterly cold, snowy and windy day when I took a hot cocoa and a McDonald's gift card to the Salvation Army bell-ringer outside of Wal-Mart, so he could have a hot drink while volunteering to ring the bell, and a sandwich after he was finished.

Thank you for keeping Hal's memory, and anonymous good works, alive.

July 7, 2014

I was sitting at the lunch counter in the Yours Truley Restaurant on Chagrin Blvd. in Beachwood, Ohio. I noticed a elderly couple sitting at a table in the next isle. I asked the waitress to bring me their lunch bill, to give them this ssssh card, and to say nothing else. The waitress did just that and had fun doing it! Now the waitress recognizes me each time I come into Yours Truley. I ssssh someone each time. Fun!

June 10, 2014

We all know how much the gas has escalated and can be a struggle to afford. I met a young man, who looked to be about 23 or 24, when I was at the gas station. He looked like he needed help so I went up to him and I asked if assistance was necessary. In response he said yes, also he told me this meant a lot to him because he needed gas to get to a job interview. He had lost his earlier one and was looking for a new start, he only asked for $5 but his sincerity meant a lot more to me. I took the time to get to know this young man and gave $25 in gas money towards him and he was ecstatic to receive that. Gratitude was in his smile which means, to me, a lot more than $25. I hoped the best for him and that he gets that job.

May 24, 2014

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. There is a young lady
I know is really struggling financially to make it through University in Florida. I was bought to tears as this young lady saved up her limited resources to complete charitable work during her vacation (3 weeks) in Hawaii. She has helped feeding the Homeless People in China Town, Honolulu, She completed a 12 mile Marathon Charity Walk in Honolulu to raise money for over 17 charities, She volunteered her services to Honor the WEST LOCH PEARL HAROR MILITARY Disaster by making over 40 Lanterns that floated in the capital garden waters to remember the forgotten men who lost their lives over 250 are buried without names. She was invited to attend a full military Pearl Harbor West Loch Memorial Service on 05/21/2014, again she volunteered her services by giving bottled water to the veterans and also laying floral tribute on all 44 unmarked graves that only contain mixed body Parts. Additionally she volunteered her services to the AADCCH, an Hawaiian registered community charit y group that has various community outreach programs.
At 19 years old , she has a remarkable heart and a wonderful Smile.

May 3, 2014

Just two days ago, I heard a girl crying in a stall in the bathroom at my uni, during late hours. I'm a very shy person, but I felt so crushed hearing her cry. I was too scared to bother her privacy at first, however.
I came back a few minutes later, and she was still there, sobbing just as deeply as she was before. I ran upstairs as quickly as I could and bought her some chocolate cookies, and came back to the stall. Still, she was there.
Without seeing my face, I passed her the cookies above the stall, and she sounded so thankful, saying she was also hungry!! I talked to her just a little bit, trying to respect her privacy, and apparently she had been bullied.
It's amazing and disgusting to me that adults would resort to such a thing...
I wish I would've known what else I could have given at the time, but overcoming my shyness too felt amazing to achieve. I hope she is okay now, but I don't even know what she looked like.

May 1, 2014

My good deed was to teach at remote primary schools for a period of four months. It was an extremely volunteer deed since I was not looking forward to the pay but rather I was giving back to the community. My friend was the one who linked me up to the organization, and I can say it was a joyous and a fulfilling experience to see how the students responded to how I taught them.
The greatest challenge was to teach a class full of children who were as many as 70, but hey I enjoyed the experience every bit of it. I can proudly say that teaching children and shaping them to become great leaders of tomorrow is a wonderful and blessing moment in life!

May 1, 2014

One sunny morning in October, as I was taking the bus to school, an old lady who appeared to be homeless got on the bus and sat beside me. I was selling fruit snacks a the moment (to fundraise for new balls at my school's soccer team) so I was holding a box in my hand. She kept staring at them so I asked her if she wanted one. She gave me a dollar and took a bag. When she finished eating the gummies, she gave me five dollars and took the rest of the five snacks but when I looked at her purse, it was empty so I gave her money back and let her keep the snacks. After getting off the bus, a random girl who always takes the bus gave me ten dollars and said that was the highlight of her week.

April 17, 2014

Yesterday, there was no school, but it was my one year anniversary of being free of depression and suicide watch. I wanted to do something to celebrate this. So today, I came to school and typed up ten different messages on ten pieces of paper. The messages were:
-Stay strong
-You are worth it
-You are beautiful
-Have a great day
-Smile, you are beautiful
-You got a friend in me
-Seize the day
-You are inspiring
-Don't worry, be happy!

I printed off 90 copies and folded them and stuck them in random lockers. I also posted a couple on the school cork boards. The entire operation was anonymous and it made me feel great to see people walking into class with their letters and a glowing smile! One girl posted a picture on facebook saying how thankful she was and how much it helped her get through the day.

I also mentioned my mission to the school guidance councillor, he asked me if I would like to start a new anonymous group and arrange more ARAK's (anonymous random acts of kindness). Our first meeting is next week, I can't wait to see what I do next!

- ELE! (everybody love everybody!)

April 16, 2014

After paying for my car wash, I gave the attendant $15 telling him to pay for the car wash of the red car being six cars behind me. I gave him a SSSSH card asking him to give it to the driver. I was through the car wash and gone before the red car's driver got the SSSSH card.

April 15, 2014

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed seeing a smile on someone's face. It is a passion of mine that I cherish very dearly. When I was a youngster at middle school. I volunteered for the "Save the coast" foundation. Every Friday and Monday I would go to polluted lakes and huge bodies of water and I would perform experiments on these lakes similar to water quality control. I did this for about 2 years. Beginning freshman year of high school I met new friends and new people among these people I've noticed that a lot of students are going through a rough time financially. I asked one of these students "How he was doing" one day and he didn't reply he just looked at me and you could see he was crying. I found out his parents are divorced and his mother is extremely old and ill. I looked up where they lived and I noticed there grass hasn't been cut or trimmed in what seems like over a year, so I brought m y lawnmower and I cut there grass once every week. I specifically told them I don't want to be paid. I even made them food and I was always happy to help out. Right now my girlfriend is going through a similar situation with her father leaving her family and refusing to help out. So like I did for my friend I cut there grass every week, I clean there pool, cook for them, and I clean there house. They are struggling financially so I feel like it's my duty to help out. I also plant trees every year to help restore some of the wetlands in my area. I've spent many hours ranging from 4 in the morning to 7 at night. I love helping out my community and doing my community service. I never ask my parents for money I even help them around the house I clean and do everything for them. I even help out with cooking and paying some of the bills. I absolutely love seeing a smile on everyone's face.

April 4, 2014

At my school's vending machine, I taped a dollar and wrote on a post-it, "This snack is on me. -Anonymous."

March 22, 2014

I met Hal at Hiram College - During one of Ohio's many blizzards, he gave me a ride into Cleveland to buy better bagels for the Cell than what the dining service provided. Along the way we stopped to help other motorists who had drifted off the road or whatever their dilemma was and it was a great day helping so many persons and getting the bagels. Hal was always doing things to lift others up but there didn't seem to be anyone to lift up Hal when he was down ~ delighted to hear he found a partner and became a dad, also so glad this organization remembers him and lifts up his memory. I have always done random good deeds but didn't leave a card - I'll look for them and start leaving them. This week, I left a granola bar and bottle of water on a police vehicle parked at the library - the officer was inside and the weather was pretty warm for a change. Worked at a local food bank, as I do every week. Paid for a homeless guy's meal. And I am passing along the power of a friendly gesture so more folks will start channeling Hal's spirit. No need for others to go through life unhappy when a smile will perk up their day Thanks!

February 16, 2014

A couple times I ate lunch with people who were sitting by themselves.

January 24, 2014

I have volunteered in a soup kitchen where they make healthy foods for disabled elderly people who can't get access to fresh food, then they organization delivers it to their house. I also volunteered for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. I also volunteer with Jrotc of my school helping out with college fairs and parades. I volunteer at a community center where I would help elementary school students with their homework. I volunteered with a club called Aspira at my school where we discuss how we can better our community.

September 28, 2013

There is a well known park downtown, used for recreation, events, and shows but subliminally serves as resting grounds for homeless humans, and starving souls. This day, we chose to exercise our existential humanitarian roles, just to break free from social class mind control. A simple snack for most children in the U.S.A, has become an important meal opportunity for many adults & elders today. So we packed a lunch consisting of creamy PB&J's and handed them out with free smiles along the way. What made this small act better were the conversations that took place, we can honestly say we left with more than what we actually gave.

July 26, 2013

I am a teenager who can't do the pay for others thing. Instead I decorate the elementary school classrooms and halls in the summer with one other teacher helping me. Then during the school year I sneak into the library during lunch and I check books in and put them away for the librarian while she is eating in the lunch room.

July 25, 2013

In 2009, my school was having an annual clean up day throughout the whole town. It was really hot and everyone wanted to gibe up and go back to the school so we could watch a movie. I talked a couple of my friends into staying and helping me clean up the next couple of houses that belonged to elderly ladies and the only time they ever got cleaned up is when our school does the annual clean up the town. So while cleaning this lady's yard, her cat climbed up the biggest tree in the yard. The lady was in tears when she asked me to climb the tree and get "snickers" out of danger. So I crawled up 30ft into the tree and retrieved that cat. The lady thanked me and the day went on. I know it doesn't sound like a major "good-deed" but it made an impression on the elderly women that not all teenagers are lazy snobs.


April 29, 2011

I taught in an elementary school where a fellow grade level teacher never changed the bulletin board outside his room. The norm was to change them monthly to go along with what month it was. This poor board became shabbier and duller each month. After many months of this, my neighboring teacher and I decided we wanted to change it so his students could see a new brightly decorated board. We pooled our supplies, met back at school on a weekend day and decorated that board. Monday morning his students were thrilled with the board and he was completely mystified.. What fun!

April 29, 2011

When in high school ,our son worked delivering pizzas. For years we had seen an elderly man in our neighborhood slowly walking around dressed in torn and dirty clothing with a stick across his back. Since we did not know his name, we gave him the name Cordova Bum named after the lo9cal elementary school our children went to. On the stick were two discarded mi9lk cartons which he had filled with water. He would roam the neighborhood bent over and silent. Somehow our son found the refrigerator box the Cordova Bum  lived in. About once a month, when he knew the Cordova Bum was somewhere else, he'd sneak into the box leaving dollar bills sticking out here and there. We always smiled when we thought of this elderly man returning to his home and finding his home had bloomed once again.

April 19, 2011

I, every few months, find a random address in the phone book and send the person a book of stamps and a note saying they have no clue who I am, but that I hope they will use the stamps for more than to just pay bills. I hope they'll reach out to an old friend, or just send someone they know a good old fashioned letter just to shoot the breeze and keep in touch.

December 29, 2010

Today I have made a foamy coffee for the person that is cleaning the stairs in our block of apartments and put it on the stairs with a thank-you card. I live on the top floor. To cover suspicion I waited till he was on the bottom floor and put the present one and one half floors below ours. He must gave found the surprise on the way back up, since after dry-sweeping, he will start from the top wet-sweeping. He did not know it was me and did not catch me. It was totally anonymous. I think I have pulled a real Reichle.  :-)

October 16, 2008

i was at the mall and i heard someone behind me say they couldn't pay for enough food so they would just be getting pops.i told the cashier to give them the kind of pretzels the liked and he could keep the change i stayed around and the people were able to get 4 pretzels

October 15, 2008 - from Nigeria


October 8, 2008

A friend of mine was struggling with medical bills. He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. His insurance deductible was $1,000 and he had been out of work for a few months but kept his insurance. I paid his $1,000 deductible and to this day he still does not know that I did it. He often brings it up because everyday he lives is a blessing.

October 4, 2008

My 16 year daughter had the opportunity to live in Argentina this summer and work at a geriatric home everyday, while she stayed with a host family through a travel abroad program. She quickly became fast friends with a lovely 85 year old woman named Sophia who lived at this home. Emily found the nursing resources and human contact these residents had were not adequate, so every day Emily would sit with Sophia for hours and Sophia would tell her about her life as a young person. She discovered Sophia was a poet and writer as a young adult and wrote about her family and life. Writing was her passion, and it became her career as she eventually published a book. Emily asked to visit Sophia's living space and saw it was a dark small space with a single bed and small desk. Emily asked a simple question, "Do you still write?" Sophia dropped her head in sadness and said "no, my eyes are old, and I can not see in this darkness." I do not have enough light! to write. Emily left the nursing home that evening feeling that if she could bring Sophia's passion of writing back into her life, it would make her trip to Argentina so much more complete. She found a lamp store, delivered the lamp to Sophia's room, and watched from the doorway as Sophia grasped the lamp as if it were a long lost child, and wept quietly saying "my light, my light, I can once again write"; It was a simple thing to do. Bringing passion back into the life of a person is something she will never forget. Emily is an inspiration to her family and to many of her friends. I had to share this inter generational story of hope and love!