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Cleveland Plain Dealer - Front Page - Easter Sunday 2003

Response Letters



On snowy days when I leave work I don’t only clear off my car, but the car next to me.

Reichle was described as a rascal by Roger Cram. He would appreciate this: Years ago I spotted a lonely bare weed growing thorough a crack at the intersection of Rt. 77 and Brookpark Road. This weed looked like a stripped down Christmas tree. It was just over a week until Christmas. So very late one night, I believe it was about 2:am I proceeded to decorate it with bulbs and roping. I hope it brighten a few people over the next week.



I read the article about your beautiful Hal in our Sunday newspaper on Easter morning. I always try to do good deeds and now I will try and do more because of Hal. Today I called our gas company and paid in full a family’s (I know is struggling) gas bill, I didn’t want anyone to know, but I wanted the family to know it was paid so they wouldn’t have to worry. The customer service lady put me on a conference call with the lady of the house and let her know that her bill was paid in full and her account that was about to be turned off was settled. The sound of my friends voice on the other end of the phone brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Hal!

My friend has two young children and a difficult boyfriend, so to hear her smile made my day.

God Bless

Hals Friend


I THINK that I was Reichle-"ed" on 4-18-03 at a Taco Bell in Strongsville OH. Without knowing what I’d ordered, the person in front of me in the drive-thru line PAID for my meal!

Needless to say, we were flabbergasted. Two days later I read about Reichle’s Anniv. In keeping with protocol I’ll just sign this, Thanx.


Dear Mr. Cram

I read with great interest the article in the Chronical-Telegram on April 21, 2003 about the secret society called SSSSH. Please accept this measly gift ($50.00) to help your cause. Of course it is anonymously given as in keeping with your society. I think this is a wonderful way to keep his memory alive. I lost a brother in 1967 in Viet Nam and, although I can’t say he was as generous as Hal Reichle, struck a cord in me. Right now I don’t have a lot of spare cash but I’ll donate more in the future. I would appreciate to know if you have received this. Please write a letter to the editor in care of the Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, OH and I will continue to send what I can when I can.


SSSSH new member

April 23, 2003

Read with interest the article in the Plain Dealer. It renewed my feeling of this method of helping others. My involvement has to be very limited and this article, I hope, will spur me into more actions along this line.

Several years ago I had a young lady working for me who seemed to be living under a black cloud. Wanted to attend college and did but just was not college material. Unfortunate love affair and marriage, etc. Also very little finances. I found out she loved cars and found out what type of car she drove. She then was employed at a shopping mall with a pretty low-paying job. I found her car and it was unlocked and put some money in a glove compartment and don’t thing she ever knew how it arrived.

The only other deed is a poor woman to whom I delivered Meals-on-Wheels. She is a paraplegic and one of her pleasures was watching the Cleveland Indians on TV, but this past year they were only on cable, which she could not afford. Had cable brought to her. Hope to do more.

Anonymous Good Deeds done in the loving memory of Hal Reichle:

When it’s a windy day, or perhaps a garbage man has been hurried and over worked, and I’m driving down "that street", I stop, no matter what, and place the "can in the street" on the lawn of the house of its rightful owner. On a very windy day, that may mean several inconvenient stops. No one sees me, nobody need know, right Hal? God blesses every good deed with secret grace.


Our mayor and 3 other members of our church are in the military service in Iraq. I leave a 3 liter drink or a gift basket or toys for the kids at their offices or homes.

Men in the work release program do work around town cutting grass helping move things all sorts of jobs. I give them a drink or a book every month when I get my little check – (disability check). There’s 5 to 7 men on the work force. I share my poems with any band that comes to town.

To share like you requested and to honor Hal is a very good idea. I’m sorry Hal was killed. He was a nice person acct’s to the news story. Sincerely, ?

My ex worked on helicopters in ‘Nam and thru his 22 year stay in the Army.