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Wichita, Kansas: Maize Middle School Students' Good-

Deed Letters - November 2005

I left my science teacher a thank you card. She made a Jepordy Game to help us study and it helped me get an "A".

I'm a 7th grader from Maize South Middle School in Kansas and I did an anonymous good deed. I gave a note to my friend thanking her for always being a really good friend.

I think what your doing is great and i am proud to be a membor. I anm in the boy scouts and "Do a Good Turn Daily".

I am a 7th grader at Maize SOUTH MIDDLE School. On the day before Halloween I went over to a neighbors house and set a flashlight on there porch with a note that said THANKS FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE. I knew they had 3 kids and wanted to help them give the kids light. They still dont know who did it. :+)

It was halloween and I dressed up and trick or treated and filled a bag of candy up and gave it to this little kid who didnt have much candy. The expression on his face was wonderful to see I loved it, and liked helping him out.

In our English class we've read a story called "Thank You M'am" adn it inspired us to do acts of kindness. I helped our orchestra by getting the stands and chairs ready while nobody could see. I'm 7th grader at Maize South Middle School.

Have you heard of the SSSSSH program, or the short story called "Thank You Ma’am?" Well I have, those are where I got my act of kindness from. The SSSSH program was about a man that loved doing acts of kindness. He died in action in the Project Desert Storm. So his friends decided to do all sorts of kind acts, but they did them anonymously. Oh, yeah of course I got a great idea from the short story "Thank You Ma’am." It was a book about a kid named Roger that tried to steal a lady’s purse. He didn’t get away with it. Mrs. Jones caught him. The story went on and Mrs. Jones gave Roger $10 as a gift to get blue suede shoes and tells him, "You could have just asked," and shut the door in his face. So I decided to become a member of the SSSSH program. I was going to be like Mrs. Jones doing good things for other people. I was going to do an act of kindness.

Well I thought a lot about what I was going to do and I came up with an answer. I was going to get a candy bar and give it to my friend with an anonymous note attached to it. First thing I had to do was to decide what candy bar I was going to get him. I thought long and hard about that to. I was going to get a Kit-Kat bar for him. So I went to the store and got one of them. Then I wrapped it in some regular paper to cover the wrapper. Then I wrote my note saying,

Dear Ryan McCarthy,

You are a great friend and don’t you ever change.

From: Your Bud

After I finished the note the next day I went to his first class and put the Kit-Kat in his open binder and closed it. I got out in the nick of time, just as he was coming in. I walked into the hallway and acted like I was leaving. I stopped and went back to an area that he couldn’t see me, but I could see him. I waited for his reaction. I kept waiting and waiting. He just kept looking around.

Then I saw something it was a reaction! I could hardly believe it! He started eating it right away and looked around so I ducked like I was being shot at in a war. He didn’t see me though. I kept watching as he looked around while he was eating the Kit-Kat. I also felt great even though it was only a candy bar I gave to him. The rest of the day I felt so good that I could do thousands of good deeds. My act of kindness was done to show Ryan how great of a friend he is. Now you know my act of kindness so it’s not anonymous any more. Just don’t tell Ryan about it. Now sometime you should do a simple act of kindness for someone and see his or her reaction and see how you fell about what you did. Just give it a shot!!


In my 7th grade 8th hour English class, I had to do an act of kindness. For my act of kindness I bought my mom a Boyds Bear.

I made breakfast for my brother. I did it for him because he is always tired in the morning and I wanted to help him out.

i gave my Halloween candy to my brother. He's only five years old so he really liked it. i didn't tell him it was me. I just put my candy into his bag.

We have been learning about this organization and we had to do a project on it well a good deed. For my good deed i put a note in a friends locker they never founded out that i did it. on the note is said stuff like thanks for always being there for me and you are the best friends ever and more stuff like that.

At Maize south middle school we have been reading a story about a boy who tries to steal a woman's purse to buy a pair of blue suede shoes. When he finally gets the purse loose, he falls down with all the weight. Then she takes him home and once she thinks he has learned his lesson, she lets him go. Then we heard about the SSSSH organization and what acts of kindnesses people do for other people without them knowing anything about who did it.

In class we had to do our one act of kindness, and I chose to do something small but big. I gave my friend a piece of paper when she least expected it. That is my act of kindness. Now what did you do?

My sister was going on a field trip one day and my parents refused to give her extra money because they said earlier "We can't give you money so save up" and she didn't so I snuck in 10$ in her back pack. It was funny because when she got home she thought it was my parents.

dear roger,
i have done an act of kindness! Giving my mom Flowers! And i'm a 7th grader at MSMS!!

god bless

I am a 7th grader that lives in Wichita, Kansas and i go to Maize South Middle School. my act of kindness was my friend and i took his cousins to the park on our free time because my friends parents were having a party. so they were really bored me and my friend were having a good time though. so they want to go to the park and the football games were over for the night so we meet up some friends and take them to the park and they had a blast. so that really somes it up for my act of kindness

I set the dinner table for my mom.She had lots of other things on her schedule so I thought I would help her out

I raked my next door nieghbors leaves because he always lets us play football in his yard.

I'm a Kansas person. I recently put my elderly neighbor's paper on his front porch.

would like to be a member of the SSSSH. My act of kindness whas a note to my friend. I put it in her locker. The note said " thank you for all that you have done for me!" I felt great!

My act of Kindness was Helping out my church by picking up items for the people who lives were destroyed from hurican katrina and i had picked it up and donated it to the red cross and donated all my dtuff i thought was cool and gave it to them so the got all the things that were neat and i know how much it ment to them and i encourange you to donate things to the victims of hurican katrina.

i gave a little girl her halloween condy she dropped.

Dear readers,
I hope you have stopped to thank someone today for just having said ,"hi." And if not you might be thanked for being a helpful individual. I am here to write of my own act of kindness. I found my neighbor to be very helpful at our block parties lately by volunteering to become naighborhood watch. He had also recently allowed his brother to live with him and had gone through a divorce. So I decided to make him some sweet snacks I thought cookies were the best thing. I found a new package of chocolate chip cookiedough in our freezer and pulled it out. It only took about 15 minutes to bake and then I delivered. I rang his doorbell and immedietely got a reply. "Hello", he said and him of what I felt. And then I began to appreciate him even more as I watched him thank me when really he was the one to be thanked,then he had shut the door.

SSSSH member

When I Mowed my lawn and cleaned the house.

My act of kindness was helping out my brother's soccer team, they were very pleased and they won there tournement. Im planning on being there permenent coach and i plan on them winning there next season!

My Good Deed was thelping out my brother's soccer team and they were very pleased and they wont there tournement and Now im going to be there permrnent coach on the team and i planm to win our next seasons tournement

My Good Deed is that i helped volenteer to coach my brothers soccer team and they won there tournement and they were very pleased that i helped them out.

My Good Deed is that i helped volenteer to coach my brothers soccer team and they won there tournement and they were very pleased that i helped them out.

I Mowed the lawn.

On Halloween mornig I gave a Halloween card to my Pre- Algebra Mrs.Ruzich.That was my Act of Kindness

My mom tells my sister to empty the dishwasher because she never does it and one day my mom got really mad at my siter for doing what she was supposed to do so I thought that I would empty the dishwasher for her so that it would make her happy and it did and it made me feel really good about doing it for her

The act of kindness that I did was writing a nice letter to a neighbor. This may seem like a liitle kindness but it means a lot to lots of people. On my letter I said Thanks for all the nice things that you have done. I could tell that this meant a lot to her and would mean a lot to anybody who was given this act of kindness. Remember keep it anonymous!!

A new neighbor moved in and I thought it would be cool to give them a plate of candy and a note that said "Welcome to the Neighborhood" I chose candy because they have three kids and it was Halloween. I didn't get to see their reaction but I'm guessing that they liked it.

One day, I was going out to my dad's grave. I had a bouqet of flowers, I saw that some other people's graves.

My mom always tells my sister to empty the dishwasher and she mad at her one because she didn't do it so I emptied it for my mom and she was so happy that I did that and it made me feel so good about doing it for her.

Last week I did an act of kindness for my neighbor. She is very old and lost her husband last year. I wrote her a little note with nice thing in it, and then that morning I put it in her sack of newspapers. After that I carried her newspaper up to her front porch on her bench so she wouldnt have to walk out and get it in the morning.

My act of kindness was something I just thought would be fun for the upcomming holiday, Halloween. I gave my neighbors a Halloween card but of course I didnt sign it! I never really found out the reaction of my neighbors because they really never asked me if I did it. I had fun doing this act of kindness and I know that everybody else would too! thats why I encouraged them to when i worte my story for my English class! Well I hope you enjoyed reading my email because I enjoyed reading your site! Have a great day!!

I gave old toys to my neighbor for their 4 kids because I thought they could use a break from buying toys.

I wrote my mom a letter telling her how much our family and work appreciates her. I wrote that we never want to lose her, and she does and sacrifices a lot for our family and work. I signed the letter "a special angel looking down on you."

hi, I'm april. I did an act of kindness by decorating my neighbors front porch for halloween. They were so excited! I felt really good doing it too. Now, I am a memeber of Sssh!

My mom has been kind of stressing over work. So I did the dishes for her, so she didn't have to worry about them. I felt very good that i helped out around the house.

My act of kindness was when my dad was cuting gravel on are dirt road he went inside I went and did it for him.

I cleaned my mom's bathroom unnoticed. Imade it clean by mopping it. Then I swept it. there were no more smudges

I am a Maize South 7th grader . We started reading about SSSSH in class and decided we should all do a deed. I thought it was such a great assignment.It wasn't too hard to think of one. There's MILLIONS of things you can do. My grandpa had stroke and ended up in the hospital so I decided to clean their house while they were away. I can't explain the reaction I got from them for doing such a simple deed. It made me feel good about myself and proved that even the littlest things mean the most. <33

I am a maize South Middle School student and i did an act of kindness for my best friend. Her name is lauren and we met in the 5th grade. For my act of kindness i put a note in her locker and it said, "Thank you for being such a great friend, good luck with basketball tryouts, and i hope to talk to you soon. Her reaction was great!! Right after I had put the note in her locker she came walking down the hall. When she saw the note she opened it read it and laughed! She said thank you because she knew it was me. I am glad she was happy to recieve the note, and i will keep doing acts of kindness for other people.

Have you ever done a good deed if you haven’t, you then should. My class read "Thank You Ma’m" by Langston Hughes. Mrs. Jones did a good deed so we decided that we should do one too.

My good deed was one day I bought two candy bars and put them on top of my mom and dads pillows. When they found them they were so happy, and I felt really good too.

Now I will look at doing good deeds differently for the rest of my life. Also I will look at doing them in a different perspective. I will do more so that it makes people feel nicer and makes their day.

I took pictures of my newborn cousin for my mom when my cousin was born. My mom was under a lot of stress, so I just took the camera and snapped away. The pictures were really good in the end. I was proud and so was my mom. She was happy too cause she didn't have to worry about taking pictures and she could relax.

At school I gave My Yearbook teacher a "Thank You" card to say thank you for all the good things she has helped me with. I felt soo happy when she opened the card because she didn't know who it was. I am pretty sure she was happy, too.

It is spelled shhhh, not ssssh.