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May 30, 2003

HAL, SAY HELLO TO MILDRED (Attached $50.00 donation)


June 2, 2003

Dear Alana and John:

We have enclosed a $50 donation to the Aquatic Club (OAC) to honor the many hours both of you donate to the youth swimmers in our community. Since you have taken over the leadership of OAC including coaching, it has grown in the number of swimmers in the program and the number of meets OAC sponsors. Both of you have spent countless hours of your time coaching swimmers, managing OAC and officiating at swim meets. Your dedication and hard work has come to the attention of SSSSH. Attached is a little explanation of SSSSH and Hal Reichle.

Yours in Service,

Hal Reichle
Chief Warrant Officer, US Marine Corps

June 19, 2003

Hello, My name is Sandi. I was reading through the June 9, 2003 issue of People magazine. I saw the write up on Hal, and all of the kind deeds others were doing in his honor. I had a question…I wanted to know how I could get an issue of the news letter of good deeds that the family issues, and also, wanted to let them know how great I felt reading the article. I am a mother of a disabled child and this story just was amazing. The kindness this gentleman had, and the friends that carried his message was more than words could say. Any information on how I could become more involved I would enjoy reading. Thank you in advance, Sandra.

June 23, 2009
Hello Mr. Cram:

I just heard about Hal Reichle on my local radio station. They gave me your mailing address and the website address. I immediately logged on to your website and read your stories. My heart feels so warm - I love to hear about people like this. I've been let down a lot in my 30 years and it truly warms my heart knowing that there are good people in this world.

Because of my heartbreaks in my past, I have built a hard exterior and am often miss-trusting of others who cross my everyday path. Stories like this and knowing that there are good people in this world makes me feel empowered and a little less threatened.

I worked in downtown Seattle on a major construction site. I worked with about 300 tradesmen. Our working day usually ended about 3pm.

As you may know, traffic in downtown Seattle during rush hour can be the ultimate nightmare. On this particular summer day, my then boy friend (now husband - we worked together) were on our long trek home, traveling on the busy back roads of Seattle, when we were stopped by a traffic light. A blind lady was trying to cross the street. She had her cane and seemed to be looking for the curb to step up and be on her way. Unfortunately, because of other local construction, the curbs were torn out and all that remained was safety fencing along the perimeters of the construction sites; this was on all four corners of this stoplight.

While traffic stood still through maybe three green lights - I waited patiently to see if any other respectable bystander would assist this lady. Now knowing that traffic in Seattle during rush hour on a hot summer day can cause irritability - I am not surprised that no one ran to her rescue.

I could see that she was frustrated and beginning to cry - as was I, feeling for her. So, out of nowhere, I jumped out of my car, leaving my door open, and ran to her rescue. She was very shaken, as some of the less patient, shall I say "people" had been honking at her-and shaken, rightfully so - I would be. After I introduced myself, calmed her down, and explained to her why she could not find the curb; I grabbed her arm, and asked her for instruction on how to help her. She said, "let me hold on to the back of your arm", firmly adjusting her hand on the backside of my right elbow, and instructing me to lead her and she will follow. When we arrived in the safe part of the block, she thanked me, hugged me and said, "god bless you" - I let her go on her way and hurried back to my car.
However, those "impatiens's", started to continue on there way - this upset me, so I snapped and pointed for them to stop - while I settled safely back in my car. They obliged. Then off we all continued into the mayhem of workday, rush hour traffic in downtown Seattle.

I share this story all the time, I think of this lady everyday. I hope she feels as warm hearted about me, as I do about her. This situation could have been terrible. But, because of my (I guess - I am still a little skeptical) giving spirit, I jumped to her rescue.

My sweet grandma said (when I shared this story with her - she is now gone) "darling, you are now 'for sure' going to heaven".

Thank you for letting me share this with you - and I hope you share this story with others.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Tuesday June 24, 2003
To: Secret Society of Serendipitous Service for Hal.

I know this woman, she helps people all the time. Her name is Joanie O'Rourke and she works for Hampton County (South Carolina) recycle. I don't know much about her except that she is always smiling and she helps the old folks a lot. She don't have much. I found out that she was wanting to go to Australia and had been saving for over 2 years. Well she had it all stolen from her truck back in February (03). I had just found out about it. When I asked her about it she said she guessed the person that took it needed it more. I want to find a way to help her make her dream come true. Maybe if you folkes up there prayed for her, she can go and be with her friend in Australia. I put in a note at the church too. I hope it helps her. Thank you for your prayers.

July 2003

I was grocery shopping about two months ago and while at the checkout, I could see an elderly woman outside standing beneath the canopy for protection from the rain. She had with her one of those metal pushcarts that people in urban areas use so often to easily carry bags/packages while walking. When I saw her speaking to some kids, I thought that she might have been asking for the time while she was waiting for her taxi to arrive. As I was exiting the supermarket, she approached me and actually asked me for a ride back to her home which was about a mile away. Against what I had been taught as a child about not giving rides to strangers, and considering that she was so elderly and fragile looking, I consented to give her a ride. When I finally finished loading her groceries and big metal pushcart (which I noticed she was actually using more as a walker) it really began to downpour.

On the short ride home, I just kept thinking to myself how this woman, an Italian immigrant, had no family left or children nearby to help her with such little things such as grocery shopping. She was completely alone. During the ride, she thanked me profusely for my act of kindness that didn't even take 10 minutes out of my day but meant the world to her.

July 2003
When putting flowers on the graves of my parents, I noticed the grave of a boy who died of heart disease when we were in the 7th grade, more than four decades ago. Knowing his family would arrive within days to decorate his grave for Memorial Day, I wrote a note to the boy, telling him I remembered how beautiful and nice he was and that I would never forget him. I mounted it to a stick, and stuck it in the ground by his stone where his loved ones would find it and know they weren't the only ones who mourned him after all these years. I did it for the family. I did it for Hal.

(My son is a helicopter pilot, too)
More to come

July 2003

Several years ago, just a few weeks after the September 11 attacks, my husband and I took a trip to Italy. We were somewhat apprehensive about leaving the country and we were more observant of those around us. We were particularly interested in the thoughts and reactions of other Americans traveling abroad.

On our last night in Siena, we found a casual, bustling restaurant popular with the locals and were lucky to get a table. The food and wine were excellent and we were enjoying ourselves when we noticed a table of American college students nearby. Each of us observed to ourselves that they seemed to be ordering sparingly to save money. For some reason, my husband asked if I thought we should pick up their check. I had been thinking the same thing, so we did exactly that when we paid our own bill. We asked the waiter not to tell them that their bill was paid until after we had left. It was our hope that this would allow them to order a little more.

We still wonder what moved us to do that, but we agree it was one of the most fun things we have done on the spur of the moment. Maybe it was the spirit of Hal Reichle?

August 20, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I was delighted to see the article about Hal in our local newspaper. My daughter went to High School with Hal and I am also a Hiram grad.

In the few months I performed 2 anonymous acts of kindness.The first was to buy several bags of groceries for a mother with small children who was a visitor to a local soup kitchen when her assistance check was delayed. I also gave money to a family whose home had been flooded. In both instances, I was able to get help to them without their knowledge of who did it.

August 29, 2003
Our mens' baseball league has a group of "Angels in the Outfield" who, in honor of the spirit of SSSSH, provided for a young woman on a tight budget to travel to Georgia to attend to her mother, who had open-heart surgery. Also, for her loss of earnings for the time she was out.


August 2003

I sent a poem like this, laminated, along with a pretty good sized stuffed animal (bear). He is the "softy" referred to in the poem. My friend from church told me about her very ill friend. I told my friend I'd pray for her and send her get well cards. However, the poem and bear went anonymously. Neither my friend nor the sick lady knows where the poem and bear came from. Bye!

I plan soon on sending an anonymous gift card to a grocery store, to a friend of mine.

November 12, 2003

I have just heard about SSSSH so I decided to join and this was the first anonymous
act of Kindness that I performed. My brother and me cleaned the house when my parents
were gone. This is the first act of kindness I have done and will continue to do many
great acts of kindnesses.

November 30, 2003


I saw your story this Thanksgiving weekend on TV and loved it!!!! It is something I have been a fan of for a long time. The only truly anonymous thing I have done was in a casino when I had a pot load of nickels, I hate playing nickels slots so I dumped all my nickels into a rather disheveled mans bucked without stopping or looking back. I have helped others with the stipulation no one else ever know and it never be discussed. I like your idea better and will promote it it.

Thank you,


December 1, 2003

Dear Roger,

J What a wonderful idea. And I want to thank you so much for the cards to give to people. I totally enjoy doing good deeds without the recipient knowing what I have done. I had a wonderful day passing out turkey dinner ingredients. I was provided with these ingredients by Cityteam a Christian group in Chester, PA because they said they had too much food. It made my Thanksgiving. I gave these things to needy people however; I love the idea of just doing this for anyone

Thanks again for the cards!


December 1, 2003

A group of my friends have decided to send Christmas stockings filled with misc. goodies to soldiers stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. I packaged up my 4 stockings the other day and sent them off. We send them to one certain person stationed in Kuwait who works in such a capacity as they have contact with units that pass thru their area on their way to Iraq. This individual will distribute them accordingly. I dropped a Reichle card in each of the stockings along with Christmas wishes and Thank Yous for their giving of theirselves. No return addresses available for them to contact.

December 1, 2003

As I was watching the video pic on ABC it just reminded me of myself. I've often offered to help or tried to help individuals that can't help themselves. I am an owner of a printing firm here in NY. If there is anything I could do to help you, please feel free to contact me or e-mail me. If you need leaflets to pass or cards, whatever it may be.

Keep Up The Good Work.


December 1, 2003

On Christmas Eve night a few years back I was out getting gas when I saw a poor migrant family pull up in an old, beat-up truck. There were several kids inside and they were obviously poor. I decided to perform a "random act of kindness" for them and pay for their gas. Then I hung out in the store to see their reaction. When the man began to pay for his gas the clerk tried telling him his gas was already paid for by a stranger. The man still insisted on paying, and eventually the man became angry and went to get his wife to come in, leaving the kids in the car by the pump. There was great agitation as the man and his wife kept arguing with the clerk, and before long there was a huge line backed up. The problem: the man and his wife didn't speak or understand anything in English, and the clerk didn't speak Spanish. The man was getting angry because he just wanted to pay for his gas and leave, but when the clerk wouldn't take his money he figured the clerk either didn't understand him or was just giving him a hard time. I felt so bad. In the end, the man insisted on dropping his money on the counter and walking out the door. The money ended up going to pay for someone else's gas that night. I have since taken several courses in Spanish, and I will see about asking an old teacher about translating the "Reichle Cards." Anyone know French? America is a big "melting pot!"

December 2, 2003

I saw your spot on Good Morning America last week and I am so excited. This is such a wonderful thing. I can't wait to "pull a Hal", it is just a matter of time and place. This is what makes life worth living, as Hal knew!


December 2, 2003

Saw the story on Good Morning American last week and was very moved. I will carry on Hale's efforts and hand out your card. This is quite a great thing you are doing for a friend.


December 2, 2003

I just saw you and your friends on ABC on Thanksgiving morning. I thought this was awesome!!! A few years ago in the KC Star we had Random Acts of Kindness Week and we could go to a nearby grocery store and pick up postcards to hand out to our friends, family, etc. to do random acts of kindness. They also had a postcard that we could give folks we care about that mentioned what we would like to do to help them. I think I know where they are home. If I can find them, may I please have someone scan them for me and e-mail them to you? They were totally awesome and I think they might be something you would be interested in. Thanks so much. Again this is a great idea! Please add me to your list! Cheryl


December 2, 2003

I was sent the home web page of the SSSSH... and thought that it was so interesting.. and well. I always thought that this entire thought was orginated with the Christian belief. I know that in my humble life, I look back and find a few places I could say I was being SSSSHed. but as of this time in the stream of things.. I do have one thing I like to give. Me and my knowledge. I work at a Free Health clinic.. I am a Nurse for many years.. kinda retired/disabled.. but there is an entire crew that gives of their time each week.. several days a week to provide needed medical services to those who are in the most need. I am very proud to say, that it has been a joy in my life.. and being able to search out, and locate different programs to benefit my patients. So.. all of those who have a momem to spare, and this is a great way to be involved in SSSSH. Me and my husband of 35 years have been doing this sevice for many years... and I feel it makes me qualified to be a proud SSSSSH.

SM Ark.

December 2, 2003

Hello There.

I am doing a speech in my communications class on doing good deeds for others. I saw a show on GMA regarding your organization. I would love to mention your organization in my speech and add any comments you might want to add.

I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing, I'm sure Hal is very proud.

December 3, 2003

I would just like to say that ever since I can remember, I have been looking for something in my life that would make others smile. I feel that we are put on this earth for a reason, and I could never figure out what my reason was. I saw this on Good Morning America, and at that instant, I knew what I was going to do in my life to help others. When you have a bad situation, like what happened to Hal, you need to find a way to make some good out it, and this is it. You have helped me with finally figuring out why I was put here and what I need to do....
I can't thank you enough and just wanted you to know that. I can't wait to get started. Sincerely, Deb Dumais....


December 11, 2003

I found out about a grandmother who was raising 4 grandchildren alone, ages 1 -7 years. She has very little money and had nothing for them for Christmas. She also needed a crib and other necessities. I was able to give her some money and toys for the children's Christmas through a kind man who was delivering donated items to her home.


December 11, 2003

A Christmas card received at PO Box 375 for Hal Reichle

Hello. I am a Hiram a Hiram Student. I pulled a Reichle in Hal's honor. Here's what I did, while eating lunch at a fast-food restaurant in downtown Cleveland, I saw a man asking people for money outside the door. I purchased a meal for him and gave it to him as I left.

Happy Holidays,. SSSSH!


December 12, 2003

Can you believe how many responses you have had since November?? The media actually does send out positive messages! I, too, was one that didn't write down the address. It took me two days to figure out how to search for you. I have turned many people on to your website at my workplace. We work for a school that in the past has been a school that was more in of a position to help than to need help. With the growth in our area, we are now seeing a change in our children, their families and their needs. Some of the kids in our lives not only see the need to help but so many have reached out to help with what little they have themselves, they must be angels Hal has sent to us. I wish I had known Hal, but I know a bunch of people that he would be proud of, including everyone who has taken part in this group. Thank you for helping people find a way to go out and be a part of something has been lost in our day and time; trust, sincere goodwill and just simply doing what should be done!
A New Faithful Member of SSSSH


I don't even remember where I read about SSSSh, but I checked out the website and loved it. I printed out the cards and I was on a mission within days. I am in the Army, and have been for 11 years. I went onto our Air Force base the other day to get some uniforms altered for Christmas. I live in the Northeast and it's VERY cold right now. My mom was with me for the ride that day. After doing my errand, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a big box of Joe. My mother was very confused. I gave her the card and she was ever more confused, so I explained who Hal was and what he did, and that we were going to pull a Reichle. She was so excited. As we were leaving the base, I stopped at the gate where the poor freezing soldiers were standing and letting cars pass. They asked if anything was wrong and I handed them the coffee and bag of condiments with the card taped to the box. I told them that 'a soldier down the street wanted me to give this to you'. He looked so confused!!! I got in the car and we left, watching in the rear view the whole time. They read the card and high fived one another. They must have loved that hot coffee being so cold! A Reichle for Hal's fellow Air Force guys!! Enjoy guys!


December 23, 2003

Good deed done by SSSSH

In honor of Hal Reichle, we gave $100 gift certificate to Giant Eagle anonymously to a woman with 5 children (who lives paycheck-to-paycheck) so she and her family could enjoy a nice Christmas dinner.

Happy Holidays to all and God Bless!