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The Discovery Channel Now Responses


I just saw N.O.W. and I just wanted to let you know that I thought what you did for the 23 year old couple was great.


Roger - Great job! It's nice to know there are great people out there.


I just saw the piece about SSSSH on the Discovery Channel show "No Opportunity Wasted." I cried at the generosity that was shown. I can't wait to "join" the SSSSH.

I'm a freelance network television cameraman and travel the world. I'll have plenty of opportunity...


Mr. Cram,

I applaud you for your excellent service to the world. I myself believe in the same ideals which were portrayed in the recent Discovery Channel program of N.O.W. and would like to thank you for doing such good deeds. I believe that this deed is only a sampling of the deeds yourself and your society perform. Again I thank you for what you are doing in this world and would like to offer myself in anyway possible to assist you. Drop me a line if you need anything computer related, or anything what-so-ever, as I believe anything for your society will help the world become a better place.



During the holidays, we meet many people in our work. This year we met a woman with 2 sons. She is very devoted to both of them. she works full time and takes on extra jobs when she can. Childcare is a problem so she depends on her parents and in-laws for help, even thought they are elderly and out of town. It seems as though no matter what she does she can never get ahead. We decided to collect gift cards to local stores. We have mailed them to her anonymously and hope it will help this holiday be special without the stress. This was an easy thing to do. Thank you for the inspiration... In Memory of Hal...


In my workplace I had someone hand deliver an envelope of $40 dollars to an employee, whom I didn't know. It turned out, that this person was in dire need of money, and was so happy on receiving it! It was a joy to watch from a distance!


I was so touched by your story on N.O.W. that I have started my own long arm of SSSSH here in Palm Bay Florida. I too lost someone very tragically, and have always wanted to honor them in a positive and uplifting way. My friend was also always giving to others secretly. Thank you so much and let’s keep the memory alive!


I wanted to send a message - watched your episode of NOW last night and you truly touched a nerve. What you have done and continue to do is amazing and the true human spirit that seems to have fallen to the background.

My business partner and I had a local resource website for our area - http://bizyparentsolutions.com and we are always encouraging our visitors to do something for the community...

I would love to be able to feature SSSSH in the next coming months, encouraging our readers to do a random act of kindness in SSSSH's name and contacting you and us at the same time letting us know what they did...

I would like to do this with your support and maybe a letter of encouragement to our visitors.

Again, you touched my heart and I will do my best in the future to do random acts of kindness.


While waiting in line at Midway Airport McDonalds I purchased breakfast for a handful (12 or so) sailors leaving training camp for duty. Well worth the $46. They saw who I was and shook hands but I didn't let them thank me, I thanked them. Wish I had some cards them. Thanks to all in uniform,



I just finished watching you on Discovery Channel's NOW. I am currently a Staff Sergeant in the USAF. I am finishing up my contract and due to separate Jan 2, 2005. My decision to separate from the military has been a rough one, but the pace and danger of what my husband and I both do is too much for us both to stay in. I have always tried to care for and look out for those around me. Recently I have had a hard time dealing with the fact that I am leaving some of my Airmen behind without me to look after them anymore. Watching what you do has just given me the hope that maybe I can still have an impact. I am interested in your lectures if you could point me in a direction of where I could find information. I've been trying to find a major of study that would best help me to help others. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the inspiration. God Bless you and Merry Christmas.


I just saw your story of the wedding on NOW. I'm a high school teacher in Issaquah, Washington. Could you please let me know how to learn more about the course you created called "Practical Application of Human Values?" Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!


Mr. Cram I just watched NOW, and it was amazing! You are a true American. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same. Keep up the great work.


The Truest Acts of Kindness

Written for Hal Hooper Reichle & Roger Cram

The truest acts of kindness are from the heart and soul
In every deed of love, in every good deed told
For the chain of love and kindness bind us all as one
So give, to give, my friend, and the world will be as one

And what’s the reward of kindness? Some may often say
To give for giving’s sake to make Heaven touch the day

For in every act of kindness a light comes shining through
And says,
Whatever you give out, my friend, comes back unto you
The truest acts of kindness are done with heart and soul
Not motivated by applause or promised pots of gold
The truest of acts of kindness are those done from the heart
The truest acts of kindness bring together what is apart

The truest acts of kindness bring together what is apart



Victor Hugo once stated that the battlefields are filled with heroes whose simple stories are more enduring then illustrious ones.


I was in Wal-Mart about a week ago and of course since it's the holiday season, it was busy. I was looking around for gifts when suddenly I heard this customer giving a Wal-Mart Employee a hard time about finding a product--liquid Band-Aid. The employee looked stressed.

I work in a drug store and I know where products are in that drug store, so I looked around and saw the liquid Band-Aid right where I thought it would be, since I know what other products are usually around it.

I walked over to the employee and handed her the product the customer was complaining about. I didn't say anything. The employee just stared at me as I walked away. I felt really good. It was such a small thing but I hoped that it would make that employee's day a little better.

Hopefully I can find more good deeds to do!



I never knew about Hal until I was reading Guideposts that my grandma hands down to my mom and I. I’m not religious but the stories are full of hope and very touching. and its inspired me to do more good deeds for people.


I though what you did for that couple to get married on the Discovery Channel was wonderful! I planned my wedding and it took six months. I can't believe you planned that wedding in 72 hours! You're an inspiration! I would like to start "pulling Reichles," but they are going to be a lot smaller that planning someone's wedding. Thanks.